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Champaigne Bottle Popping Champaigne Bottle Popping

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What makes Champagne so special?

Other than the fact that it brings people together, there are an infinite number of variables that make Champagne the most beautiful and complex beverage in the world. In the ten years we’ve been growing fatcork, we’ve discovered a lot about this unique region and the people who make this exquisite Champagne. We hope you enjoy!

Rosé Champagne bubbles are best when they're filling your glass with a  frothy mousse.

How to keep leftover grower Champagne fresh

Celebrating every day means you might not finish your bottle of fatcork grower Champagne all at once. If you want to preserve the precious fizz for a few days, fatcork’s Champagne experts have a tried-and-true formula that comes through every time. 

How to store Champagne (if you must)

How to store Champagne (if you must)

Should I store or age my Champagne? We say “drink it today,” but you can keep it fresh for future celebrations. Here are four expert tips on how to store your Champagne.

Rosé Assemblage vs. Rosé Saignée

Rosé Assemblage vs. Rosé Saignée

Centuries ago, Champagne was the drink of kings. That is, until the wines of Burgundy began to pique their royal interest. To compete with these Burgundian reds, winemakers in Champagne...

Fatcork growers use sustainable farming methods to craft their Champagne.

The nature of grower Champagne

At fatcork, we partner with grower Champagne producers who are acutely tuned in to the unique needs of their vineyards. Each believes it is their responsibility to prioritize sustainable practices that not only preserve and ensure the longevity of their land’s natural resources but also produce the highest quality Champagne.

Champagne and the Unwanted Excess of Garbage

Champagne and the Unwanted Excess of Garbage

Poubelle is one of the most beautiful words in the French language, and ironically, is French for “trash can.” What does this have to do with Champagne? The gorgeous bubbles in...

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