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A Real Life Guide to Champagne Glassware

What to choose and when to choose it. (Hint: You’ll never catch us with a Chambong.) 

Living life the fatcork way — aka discovering reasons to ”Celebrate Every Day” — means that when it comes to Champagne glassware, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Choosing the perfect vessel from which to enjoy your bubbles comes down to two things: location and occasion. Here’s what we suggest: 

fatcork champagne glassware - flutes

Fit for fancy fêtes: flutes and coupes

Elegant, sophisticated and delightfully old-fashioned, the tall-stemmed flutes and festive, bowl-shaped coupes are a perfect fit for lavish black-tie affairs or special occasion toasts. 

Thanks to its slender shape and sharp verticals, the flute is ideal for creating a dramatic display of tiny bubbles that just won’t quit. Plus, you can pour from the bottle right up to the brim of the glass, which causes the heady aromas to waft off the top. After your first sip or two, however, the elongated shape of the flute may make it hard to continue smelling that fragrant bouquet, so if you’re enjoying a special vintage Champagne or if you’re drinking exclusively for taste, it’s best to save the flutes for another soirée.

Versatile, sturdy and easy to hold without spilling — even if you’re prone to gesticulating — the coupe serves up an undeniably elevated scene for any grand event. And while the rumor that its curved silhouette was created in the likeness of Marie Antoinette’s breast is decidedly false, it is a fun conversation starter if you’re working your way around the room. Similar to the flute, the coupe’s signature shallow shape makes it more difficult to smell and taste your bubbles in the way that they truly deserve, so save this gorgeous glassware for when looking good is the name of the game. 

fatcork guide to glassware - Burgundy or tulip

Good for geeking out: Burgundy and tulip glasses

When fatcork founder, Bryan Maletis, gets up to some serious Champagne tasting, he reaches for the conical-shaped aroma blaster, known officially as a Burgundy glass. These fat-bottomed bowls make the rocking world go round, cradling the Champagne just so and making space for all those nuanced flavors and aromas to erupt with a single, confident swirl. While the unique form of the Burgundy glass will cause your bubbles to dissipate almost as fast as they tumble into your glass, it will also reveal heaps of fragrance and enhance the taste of the Champagne. 

What flower has two lips? Tulips! Besides a clever punchline, our favorite spring flower also inspires the optimal contours for tasting Champagne. Instantly identifiable by its U-shaped bowl atop a small, delicate stem, the tulip glass tapers off at the top to capture all those distinctive aromas. And it’s wide enough to invite a deep inhale. Ommm, you’re welcome. 

fatcork guide to glassware - universal

Suited to celebrating every day: white wine glasses 

Like your favorite pair of jeans, white wine glasses go with everything! Often referred to as the “universal” choice — their easy, breezy street cred makes them the fatcork pick for celebrating every day. But don’t just take our word for it. Stop by our cave, and we’ll pour you a splash in white wine glasses to prove why these all-purpose glasses are simply the best. 

fatcork guide to glassware - stemless

Goes well with on-the-go: stemless glasses

With no narrow stalk to grip delicately with your fingertips, this ain’t your mama’s Champagne glass. But while we still prefer one of the classic selections in most situations, stemless glassware, flat-bottomed (and stackable) blida glasses and even mason jars are all suitable for all your casual Champagne encounters. Whether you’re sipping from a picnic blanket or your spot on the beach, keep a toteable ice bucket nearby and practice restraint with smaller pours to ensure your bubbles stay nice and cold wherever you roam. 

Happy choosing, and remember that if all else fails, you can always drink straight from the bottle!


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