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We're so glad you're here! Nothing gets us more excited than sharing the wonderful world of grower champagne. So whether you're a wine geek (like we are) or you just love a fine glass of bubbly, this club is for you!

Access  rare grower Champagne, sourced directly from caves in France.
Discover  the history of each cuvée through regional maps and grower biographies.
Learn  to distinguish between flavors with shipments designed to expand your palate.

Our Champagne

At fatcork, we select only the highest-quality grower Champagne, crafted by grape growers and their families from their own vineyards.

  • Exclusively from the Champagne region of France
  • Showcases a variety of terriors and grower styles
  • Made artisanally in limited batches from small vineyards
  • Most are sourced from vines between 20-60 years old
  • Produced by growers who own the land and tend to the vines
  • Dry to extremely dry flavor profiles with low to zero sugar (dosage)
  • Short of traveling to France, I've never had Champagne that tastes this good. And now as a member, I can enjoy it all the time! What a treat.

    Caroline Weiner
    fatcork member since 2011
  • A fatcork membership is the best gift I've ever given my wife!

    Rollin Soles
    Co-Founder of ROCO Wines and Argyle Winery
    Oregon winemaker for over three decades
  • We've totally embraced the tagline 'Celebrate Every Day'... We get our shipment and in a couple weeks it's already gone and we can't wait for the next one!

    Laura Butcher
    fatcork member since 2014

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