Champaigne Bottle Popping Champaigne Bottle Popping

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"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."
— Annie Dillard, author

Make any moment
by popping a bottle
of Champagne.

Made in France with love from Seattle

From our Champagne cave in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, fatcork partners with family-run grower Champagne houses to bring you the best, most delicious bubbles from France! Produced in small batches by vignerons who tend the vines on land passed down from generation to generation, fatcork Champagnes are bottled love notes to terroir and each grower’s distinctive style. Plus, they’re aged to perfection and ready to pop.

Start your celebration today.

C’est vrai: Only sparkling wine from a specific region in France may be called Champagne.

Discover what makes this bubbly so unique.

“Best wine club for Champagne.”
“You’ll soon realize [Champagne] deserves to be drunk on all days, at all hours.”
“Fatcork’s main goal is to open up consumers' eyes to Champagne as an everyday wine versus a celebratory ritual reserved for special occasions, and to bring grower Champagne to the mainstream.”
"Rather than saving Champagne for special occasions, fatcork encourages you to create those occasions just by popping open a bottle."
“For people interested in terroir bombs and the like, fatcork’s wine club is an opportunity to taste some hard-to-come-by grower champagnes and sometimes even meet the growers themselves.”
“Fortunately for you and I (and other Champagne lovers out there), Bryan Maletis started a business whose sole purpose is to source, import, sell and distribute grower Champagne to a thirsty US market.”

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