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How to keep leftover Champagne fresh

Oh look, there’s leftover Champagne! This might be a problem that is as rare as it is an actual problem, but If you are ever in this position, how can you be ensured that your wine’s signature fizziness will be sustained?

The number one way to make sure your bubbles do not go flat is simple:  finish the bottle! But if you are worried about your wine going flat, try being prepared with a half bottle next time. Don’t let their small stature fool you, they’re just as good as the big boys.

There are many old wive’s tales about how to properly store your unfinished Champs. If you really want to keep the fizz, ditch that silver spoon down the neck of the bottle trick and don’t even think about trying to cram that cork back in. There are plenty of wine gizmos and gadgets these days, some of them good and others rubbish. Fear not, because we have a tried and true formula that will work every single time.

1. Minimize the amount of oxygen in the bottle.

Fatcork founders Bryan and Abby always make sure that they have an empty demi sized bottle around. An empty half bottle is perfect if you have half or less than half of a bottle left. What you do is pour the left over bubbles into this smaller vessel and then use a great stopper. 

2. An air-tight seal. 

What we recommend is a hermetic cork —a stopper with one hinge, a silicon enclosure that forms to the mouth of the bottle and bien sûr—  fantastic suction! This way there is less oxygen and the bubbles will stay fresh longer. If you don’t have any half bottles, we have you covered, but it’s up to you to “empty” them. 

If done properly, good Champagne will keep from 3 to 5 days. And honestly, sometimes it is fun to taste a bottle over a few days to see how the wine evolves. It could be a whole new experience on the 4th or 5th day. 

3. Keep it cold. 

Be sure to put the bottle back in the fridge. Carbon dioxide is more soluble in cold liquids, so keeping them chilled will keep your bubbles fresher for longer.

Too late to save?

Once the bubbles fade away it is simply really good wine. So go ahead, give it a taste to see how it’s changed. If it’s not for you then there are plenty of things you can do with the rest:

  • Deglaze your pan after cooking flakey white fish and pop a new bottle to enjoy with dinner. 

  • Make ice cubes for sangria or a punch bowl.

  • Turn it into simple syrup.

  • Ferment it into Champagne vinegar

  • Cook it down with some fruit for a delicious ice cream or cake topping. 

  • Turn it into vermouth for a delicious martini! Try beverage manager, Ryan Chavis, of NYC’s Union Square Cafe’s recipe.

Alors, drink up, stop it up, or turn it into something magical. Any way you choose, make sure to have fun while you're doing it. 

Team fatcork

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