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Summer 2023 Champagne Club Allocation

Just in time for brighter days and warmer nights, we’re filling your fridge with cuvées perfect for picnics in the park, farmers market spreads, spontaneous hangouts and all those celebrations that pop up when the natural world and your social life are in full bloom. 

As you are about to discover for yourself, the meticulously curated grower Champagne in your box is bursting with aromas of ripe strawberry, zippy citrus, green herbs and white floral bouquets. And like those resplendent summer sunsets, each bottle boasts a beautiful sense of balance and a delightfully long, lingering finish. 

Sit back, and raise a glass to the season best suited to soaking it all in. Cheers!

We've gone digital! Follow the links below to access detailed tasting notes for each of the cuvées in your allocation. Each tasting note is downloadable and easy to share! 

There is so much discover in your Summer 2023 Allocation!

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 About the growers:

Jean Baillette-Prudhomme

Thanks to our partnership of 15 years and counting, vigneron Laureen Baillette and her crew feel a lot like family to us. After all this time, we are still in awe of the elegant, complex cuvées she so expertly coaxes from her Premier Cru vineyards in Montagne de Reims. 

Adrien Redon

We can’t get enough of the Redon family! While brothers Adrien and Hugo maintain their father’s more classic Pascal Redon cuvées, they do their papa proud by experimenting with low-dosage styles for Adrien’s own label. Like Pascal Redon, Adrien Redon brings out the best of the world-class chardonnay grapes that grow in the Montagne de Reims village of Trépail.  


Didier-Ducos may have been with fatcork since the start, but vignerons Nicolas and Clotilde Didier still wow us with their portfolio of delicate, versatile, low-dosage cuvées. The prime location of the couple’s vineyards in the Vallée de la Marne village of Saint-Martin d'Ablois, imparts an exquisite viridity to each of their cuvées.

Alexandre Lenique

In the Côte des Blancs village of Pierry, fourth generation vigneron Alexandre Lenique is well known for both his commitment to biodiversity in his vineyards and his patient and exacting approach to Champagne-making. The unctuous, silvery Cuvée Excellence is a fatcork favorite for popping on a warm, sunny day.  


Vignerons Fabien and Séverine Mathieu craft some of our favorite cuvées, a few of which are made exclusively for fatcork! We love partnering with this husband-and-wife team to share with you their extraordinarily clean and precise Champagnes from the village of Baslieux-sous-Châtillon in Vallée de la Marne. Summer hasn’t really begun until you’ve sipped Fabien and Séverine’s Esprit Rosé Nature with its notes of ripe strawberry, tart rhubarb and fresh green herbs. 


Another fatcork OG, Gimonnet-Oger had us hooked from the moment we tasted the expressive, rich, very dry cuvées crafted from grapes grown in centuries-old vineyards on their Côte des Blancs estate. We love how vigneron Jean Luc Gimonnet’s traditional style allows the flavors and aromas of these exceptional grapes to shine through. The Grande Réserve Premier Cru hits a bit differently from the other cuvées in your box, though it is just as perfect for sipping in the summer sun. Buckle up for more earthy, apple notes and a long, mineral finish.


The Premier Cru village of Sacy in Montagne de Reims is home to fatcork fave Hervieux-Dumez. Nourished by a unique soil type featuring clay and chalk with striations of silt, sand, loam and clay, their vineyards produce Champagnes with brilliant aromas and a distinctive suppleness. In this allocation, we’re including one of our favorite Hervieux-Dumez cuvées for summer, Les Grains Blancs Brut, as well as a nature version that the producer makes exclusively for fatcork!

Piollot Père et Fils

Vigneron Roland Piollot, his wife, Dominique Moreau, and their daughter, Jeanne, round out Piollot’s portfolio with three single-vineyard cuvées made from a single variety: Côme des Tallants (100 percent pinot noir), Colas Robin (100 percent pinot blanc) and Champs Rayés (100 percent chardonnay). We are beyond excited to include in this allocation Piollot’s Champs Rayés 2018 — a brand new blanc de blancs vintage that we think fits those endless summer nights to a T. True to Piollot’s signature style, this latest release is crisp and elegant with mouthwatering notes of melon, lavender honey and white florals. 

Elise Dechannes

During our recent visit to Champagne, vigneron Elise Dechannes walked with us through the thriving pinot noir plots from which her exquisite Essentielle cuvée was made. Fruity, citrusy and full of fresh mineral notes, not only is this Champagne a perfectly stunning sipper for summer, but it’s also a shining result of the biodynamic and organic farming methods Elise uses as the steward of her land. 

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