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Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Listen up! Sorry to break it to you, but no one wants another knit sweater. 

There is always that one person you can’t figure out a gift for. Or maybe gifting isn’t really your forte. Hopefully we can help you out this year so you can really win this holiday season. 

Champagne is a great gift for someone you’ve known forever or hardly know at all. It's a universal message of thank you, happy holidays, you’re the best, bottoms up, cheers to you, etc. It basically means I like you and you deserve good things. Send it with a handwritten message and you are automatically the most thoughtful human being alive. Now that the holidays are here, you can sit back and relax knowing that 1) Everyone is going to LOVE their gift, and 2) You're an amazing and considerate gift giver. Everybody wins.

Choosing the right bottle of bubbles for someone doesn't have to be tricky or overwhelming. We know that folks have different tastes and preferences, but honestly, it's the thought that matters. We guarantee you that any bottle of bubbles will surely make anyone smile!

At fatcork, we have already narrowed it down for youAll of our Champagne can be categorized under the Brut umbrella meaning that our bubbles are all dry and lower in dosage. We decided to help ease the pressure even further and put together this handy-dandy flow chart below to help you pick out the perfect gift!

On our shop page we have put together filters for you to browse by producer, dosage, bottle size, and by all the styles listed in the chart above. We have also curated numerous wonderful gift packages and bundles

Socks and candles are nice and all, but now you have all the tools to elevate your gifting skills. Still need a recommendation? Our Champagne experts are standing by to help. Or, better yet, if you would like a personalized, virtual shopping experience, let us know! Just send us an email or give us a call. 

Ta-ta and fa-la-la-la-la,
Team fatcork!

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