All About Rosé

Fatcork founder, Bryan Maletis, leads us in a discussion about the basics of Rosé Champagne. Video by Geena Pietromonaco.

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Having managed several restaurants in the Northwest awhile back…. My first being the original Trader Vic’s located at the Washington Plaza ( Weston ) and many others ….Daniels Broiler Bellevue , Sundocks Boondeckers and Greenthumbs on Capital hill and others… I’m pleased that someone has taken the step and started a Champagne club in the Northwest…. I don’t get back to the area very often anymore as my parents have passed but still feel attached to Seattle / Edmonds area.
Favorite would be " Henriot brut Rose " with Gobillard a close second….
Thinking about joining "Fatcork "
Thank you
Scott Spyra

Scott Spyra February 23, 2021

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