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Bubbles Taste Better with a Story

We're continuing our Meet the Growers series. Just like Grandma's cookies that taste better made with love, Champagne tastes better when there's care behind it. 

David Levasseur

A. Levasseur Extrait Gourmand Brut Rosé

This 2017 vintage comes from David Levasseur in the Vallée de la Marnes. He grew up learning Champagne from his father in the early 90s and eventually forged his own path, starting his own label in 2003. Levasseur's wines are about fun, he wants to "awaken the spirits" with each cuvée.  

Featured cuvée: This rosé is the perfect complement to a mild cheese or a hearty fish like salmon (we love an all pink meal). This particular cuvée is a blend of pinot meunier, Chardonnary, and pinot noir with a dosage of 9 g/l. Tropical fruits mingle with vanilla on the palate.

Elise Dechannes

 Elise Dechannes Brut Tradition

This cuvée comes from Elise Dechannes, who left finance in 2006 to take over her family's estate in the village of Riceys. The soil is limestone heavy, allowing the grapes to shine. This organic vineyard focus on ethical production and the resulting bottles are a real treat.

Featured cuvée: This particular cuvée is 100% pinot noir, a blend of the 2015 vintage and vin de resérve.  Straw-colored with plump bubbles, this bottle evokes sitting outside in a field of sunflowers. Pair with spicy takeout or a fun cheese and charcuterie plate. It can stand up to the brine of marinated olives.

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