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Happy New Year - A Reflection of 2020

It was the great Julius Caesar who dedicated the first day of the new year to Janus, the god of gateways and beginnings. It was a dedication so apt they decided to name the whole dang month after the guy! 

So here we are again. Another gateway. Another beginning of a new year full of possibilities steeped in hope that this next year will be better. Someday soon we will all be able to gather together again as we did before, sharing snacks and drinking bubbles while we breathe in deep the same shared air. 

Man, what we used to take for granted...

After reflecting on the year we have all lived through together, here at fatcork we have decided to keep our focus on the small, but mighty, aspects of life. We hope to celebrate all of those little things and carry them proudly and boldly into the new year. More than ever, we are working hard to teach ourselves to practice what we preach.

Be a little bit more kind and compassionate to ourselves and to others.

Create attainable goals that will make those around us smile. 

Go for more morning walks and make fewer stressful commitments. 

The little things can add up to something much larger than the sum of their parts. And while that might not sound as sexy as everyday workouts or strict elimination diets, the slow approach likely won’t leave you bed ridden and in pain from 3 hours of ‘leg day.’ Trust us on this one. 

We have a little motto here at fatcork -- Celebrate Every Day. To us, it’s more than just a catchy tagline. It’s a reminder to keep things simple, smile more, and find joy in the mundane. If you look hard enough, you can find a reason to celebrate in just about anything. It’s a simple approach to life, but one we find mighty effective. 

It’s also a reminder to live it up—small victories, medium moments, big uncomfortable to-dos, new hobbies, and the ability to adapt and go with the flow. Focus on being a good person and protecting yourself and your community. Jubilantly pat yourself and others on the back for doing so. 

Honor self-care, relaxation, soul searching and even the hard moments. Revel in the historical political milestones upon us.  Dive into new music, new Netflix shows, your list of books you've always wanted to read, and connect more with others. Continue to celebrate our front line healthcare workers and champion scientists creating and perfecting new vaccines.

Rather than focus on what are you leaving behind, ask yourself what are the things you learned to celebrate last year? What are you taking with you into this new year?

Cheers to you and all that brings you comfort and joy.
Team fatcork

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