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Astrology and Champagne

Discover what fatcork bubbles align with your sign.

When the 17th century Benedictine monk Dom Perignon reportedly called out “Come quickly! I am tasting the stars,” he may have been on to something more than just those delicious, sparkling bubbles in his glass. Champagnes are as varied as the individuals who enjoy them, and finding the perfect bottle is often a matter of personal preference, or perhaps it’s written in the stars. 

Lucky for all of us, fatcork celebration extraordinaire John is also an expert on astrology, everyone’s favorite method for predicting events based on the arrangement and position of celestial bodies in the sublunar world. And, best of all, they’ve gone through the zodiac to find grower Champagne that’s tailor-made for each sign. Read on for John’s astrology reading for meeting the perfect match.

Aries (March 21–April 19)

Aries is a group that is more fabulous than any other. It's no wonder that so many Aries are also some of our most dynamic and divalicious performers: Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Celine Dion and Lady Gaga to name a few. Feed Aries’ desire for that red-carpet feeling with Adrien Redon Un R de Rien Brut Nature. A Champagne that tastes as beautiful as the bottle looks, this stunning cuvée has a crisp, elegant taste that will match that Aries flair.

Besides looking great, an Aries can’t stop/won’t stop when it comes to achieving. They are a fire sign that glows with positivity and gets addicted to accomplishments. A great gift for the Aries in your life who is relentlessly blazing ahead, Mathieu-Gandon Millésimé 2007 is a delicious reminder that all their accomplishments are worth a moment to reflect and celebrate.

Taurus (April 20–May 20)

Taurus is a diligent yet sensual earth sign. They are known for perfecting the art of lounging and pride themselves on their penchant for the fabulous. It’s in your best interest to give them pretty things. Show off your fine taste by bringing them a bottle of Gimmonet-Oger Blanc de Blancs, a particularly fancy chardonnay aged on the lees for six years. Like a Taurus, it takes its time, but it’s worth the effort. Your Taurus will appreciate the taste as much as your attention to detail when it comes to the finer things in life.

Not all Tauruses like to show off. One who is more subdued might care more about their authentically beautiful selves, inside and out. The gorgeous Vadin-Plateau Carac-Terre 2016 carries soft flecks of gold sparkle in the glass while offering refined and nuanced flavors that speak of its single plot origins in Vallée de la Marne. This Premier Cru cuvée is guaranteed to bring joy to a Taurus who prefers to enjoy the good life in the comfort of their coziest clothes.

Gemini (May 21–June 21)

Geminis are a quick-witted bunch that can juggle multiple projects, or even multiple conversations, at the same time. Similarly, Elise Dechannes Brut Tradition is a wonderfully crisp, floral and bright pinot noir that expertly blends the best of both the modern and traditional styles of Champagne.

Social butterflies with many diverse interests, Geminis are a chaotic mix of joy, charisma and imagination. They love a gab session full of gossip and laughter. Give them a gift that encourages their creative side: the playful and flirty Vadin-Plateau Intuition Premier Cru. Bright and sharp, this Champagne seems like it’s always a few steps ahead — just like our intuitive Geminis. 

Cancer (June 22–July 22)

Cancers are always suckers for a good story and yearn to learn more about the world around them. They are close with family and love things that make them feel connected to home. Jean Baillette-Prudhomme Memoris offers that sweet connection that Cancers would understand and appreciate. Vigneron Laureen Baillette named this crisp, full-bodied cuvée not only to honor the memories she has of her grandfather, Maurice, but she also blended it with some of his Champagne and her father’s Champagne to create the ultimate family homage. 

Cancers are known for being emotional. These beautiful, sweet creatures can’t help but emote when they are happy, sad, angry or overwhelmed. Caring and nurturing souls that they are, they often operate behind the scenes with their emotional labors of love. They are also known, however, to be a solid foundation for their friends thanks to their hard-shelled exterior. Vadin-Plateau Ovalie is a cuvée in that vein. Fermentation in a concrete egg produces a Champagne that is complex and full of delicious flavor. 

Leo (July 23–August 22)

Leos are warm and bright like the sun that represents their sign. Although they may, at times, think the universe revolves around them, Leos know how to get attention, and they thrive on it. They love glamorous gifts that they can show off. The fatcork cuvée most deserving of a Leo comparison is Hervieux-Dumez Special Club Millésime 2015 Nature. “Special Club” is a designation awarded to the most premier cuvée of a grower’s estate by a group called “Club Trésors de Champagne,” which is French for “Treasure Club.” Gift this bottle to let the Leos in your life know they deserve the best.

Leos are also known for their regal beauty. Their flashy style and innate coolness lets everyone know the king and queens of the jungle have arrived. Like Champagne, Leos are known for aging in style. They will love a cuvée like Gimmonet-Oger Millésime 2011 that only gets better with each passing year. 

Virgo (August 23–September 22)

Once summer fades into fall, Virgo is the maiden who collects the harvest and separates the wheat from the chaff. Virgos are natural pruners, and they have a tendency to be critical of anything that doesn’t meet their standard of perfection. Champagne itself has a very Virgo nature, and Jean Baillette-Prudhomme Rosé de Saignée Premier Cru Brut Nature is a wondrous example of that metaphor brought to fruition. Virgo’s feminine energy also ties in nicely with vigneron Lauren Baillette’s meticulous attention to details when it comes to every step of her Champagne-making process. 

Beyond their meticulous nature, Virgos are fun-loving and look forward to relaxing once all of their chores and errands are checked off the list. And they really love it when their family and friends share in their joy. To impress the Virgo in your life, keep a cold bottle of Adrien Redon Le Grand R just for when they pop by. The exquisite cuvée combines both traditional and modern Champagne styles and pairs easily with whatever your choosy Virgo is in the mood for.

Libra (September 23–October 23)

Like the scales that represent their sign, Libras are all about balance. Libra season begins at the autumnal equinox when the  day and night are about the same length. They are naturally great at cutting tension, maintaining diplomacy and mediating discussions. They are also lovers of bold, bright colors, and their friend groups are full of beautiful people of all kinds. Didier-Ducos La Rosée is a cuvée that is just as lovable as a Libra. An absolutely delicious Champagne, it sparkles beautifully in that aesthetically pleasing way. With its berry-forward flavor, this stunning rosé will stand out during any celebration or dinner party. 

Libras love parties and socializing, but they also work hard to enjoy the beautiful things with which they surround themselves. A night at home with some delicious charcuterie, good music and a bottle of Gimmonet-Oger Prestige Fût de Chêne might be just the right vibe. This gorgeous cuvée has notes of warm honey, apples and lemon that Libras are sure to get behind. 

Scorpio (October 24–November 21)

Once the leaves begin to fall and the cold sets in, Scorpio season has begun. This is a sign that values authenticity above all else. Because they are constantly changing and evolving, they see the need for legitimacy. While they are also well-known for secrecy, they know their ride-or-die friendships are the real thing. A fourth-generation vigneron, Alexandre Lenique makes Champagne with grapes from the same vineyards his family has tended for 250 years. Alexandre Lenique Secret de Famille has all the right notes: lily of the valley on the nose and fresh ginger spice on the lips. It’s a cuvée that offers the authenticity that Scorpios love.  

Scorpios tend to wear a lot of black, so it’s no wonder that Halloween falls within their season. But while they may — on purpose or subconsciously  — give off the impression that they are dark and mysterious, underneath it all, they have a tender heart that they love to share with the right people. Didier-Ducos Noir Absolu, with its beautiful black label, seems to have an edge to it. But what's inside tastes of bright blood orange and sweet, floral honeysuckle. It’s a delightful secret you could miss if you don’t take the time to peek behind the curtain. Something Scorpios know very well.

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Sagittarians crave freedom and adventure. They love to learn, and their sign is often associated with higher education. The quiet, star-freckled sky guides us when we’re lost. It makes sense that Sagittarius season begins at the end of November when the holiday lights come out. They are a sign that loves to be as smart as they are fun. Stéphane Regnault Chromatique, made by a former rocket scientist and jazz musician turned vigneron, matches wits with the best of them. A blend of chardonnay and a super-rare clone of chardonnay muscadet, this cuvée’s unique genius will quench Sagittarians’ love of discovery. 

A Sagittarius is not only focused on education. They also keep a keen eye out for fun. Sagittarians are excellent party throwers. If you’re looking for a bottle to complement their aura of pure glee, Didier-Ducos Absolu Meunier has a bright citrus and flavor that fits the bill. Enjoy late-night chats about everything from politics to pop culture with your clever Sagittarius, and make joyful new memories with your full-of-fun friend. 

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)

Capricorns are hard-working and ambitious, and they are known to take gifts and gifting more seriously than most. After all, it’s not easy having a birthday around the holiday season. For that reason alone, they deserve the fancy treatment, and they do love to revel in exquisite joy. Treat them to a bottle of Petit Le Brun Millésime 2011. The Petit Le Brun estate was built in 1723 for a countess, and it is now run by the husband-and-wife team Richard Petit and Véronique Bajan, who, like Capricorns, pride themselves on their meticulous attention to detail and innate sense of refinement.  

Despite their success, Capricorns are not ones to brag. They get quiet satisfaction from knowing they have achieved something. Pascal Redon Hordon is a cuvée that is both unctuous and discreet. The more you taste it, the more you appreciate and enjoy it. Like a Capricorn, the more you invest and get to know them, the more you appreciate their subtle demeanor of focused success. 

Aquarius (January 20–February 18)

Aquarians are born to march to the beat of their own drum. They are intelligent, beautiful and unapologetically weird. Their pride in being unique can also be a reminder to those around them that there is beauty in our differences. That signature rebellion and need to stand out makes us think of A. Levasseur Brut Nature. A wonderfully funky, albeit delightful, cuvée, this brut nature stands out by showcasing pinot meunier and all of its unique characteristics. Pair these bubbles with a bright citrus salad or your favorite takeout sushi. 

Not all Aquarians feel the need to stand out, and some prefer to stay under the radar while playing up their more studious, serious side. An Aquarian’s fine-tuned intellect helps them see things beyond what others see. That depth of understanding combined with a soft spot for humanitarian issues gives them a particularly compassionate approach to the world. Don’t be seduced by Vadin-Plateau Renaissance’s funkiness or its beautiful salmon hue, this cuvée’s most alluring attribute is its deep connection to plot and soil from which it came. 

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Pisces is the crown of the zodiac, embodying a little bit from each sign before it. They can be sweet, sensitive souls that can also understand the hardest and darkest parts of life. Their water is the healing kind — clear, still lakes, rivers that run deep, and seas of legend that hold mystical treasure. Like Pisces, Elise Deschannes Rosé de Saignée is both brilliant and tender with soft hints of honeycomb and flowers. A soft rosé that can stand up to and perfectly complement a meat-heavy meal. 

Mythologically, Pisces have a strong connection to the sea. Their natural attraction to water is mysterious and enchanting. Celebrate their inner mermaid with a bottle of Adrien Redon L'R du temps Rosé featuring hints of berries and ocean spray.

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