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Dueling Dosage (2 bottles)


Our Two Cents

One of these bottles is not like the other.

In this kit, you will discover two ways to enjoy Champagne. The cuvées in this package feature the same grapes and the same vintage, but they have one striking divergence: One has dosage (a small amount of added sugar) and the other, labeled “nature,” does not. Can you spot the difference? 


  • Single Hervieux-Dumez Les Grains Blancs Brut 
  • Single bottle of Hervieux-Dumez Les Grains Blancs Brut Nature
  • Tasting kit guide
  • fatcork booklet
  • Interactive tasting template for each bottle in the package
  • Handy dandy aroma & tasting wheel
  • Fatcork tasting notes and producer information for each bottle in the package
  • Fatcork Champagne stopper
  • Pencil

Disclaimer: Exact bottles shipped will depend on inventory and may not match pictured cuvées.

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    Asked Questions

    • Do you do tastings?

      Mais Oui!

      Join us every Saturday from 12pm to 5pm where we will have three cuvées chilled and ready for you.

      There is a tasting fee of 40$ for non-members (waived with the purchase of a bottle), and members taste for free! 

      *Reservations for groups of 5 or more appreciated. 

      Check out our Events & Tasting page under "Discover" on our homepage for seasonal ticketed events and happenings.

      For information on private group tastings and events send us an email at events@fatcork.com

    • Can you provide recommendations?

      We thought you’d never ask! Whether you’re choosing Champagne for yourself or a gift for someone else, fatcork celebration specialists have you covered! Need help pairing a bottle from your club allocation for your dinner party? We can help there too! In our online bottle shop, you’ll discover an assortment of beautifully curated bundles and gift sets. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, call or email us, and we’d be happy to help you navigate our inventory of delicious bubbles.

    • Do I have to be a club member to shop bottles?

      No way José. All are welcome to purchase any of our delicious bubbles online or in person at the fatcork cave.

    • What do I do if my Champagne is corked?

      Damp, wet cardboard? That’s not on the tasting note! Cork taint is the worst, but all fatcork Champagnes use natural cork closures, so it does happen on the rare occasion. Please let us know, and will happily replace the bottle. Before you throw it away, snap a photo of the back label and we can refer to the code for reference. Email it to info@fatcork.com along with the order number.

    • Can I return or exchange my bottles?

      We aim to please. Call or email us, so we can talk about what happened and how we can make things right.

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