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Get to know: Adrien and Pascal Redon

Driving up the slope of the valley and over the overpass, you will cross the stream that runs through the village and empties into the Aisne-Marne canal at Vaudemange. As you weave your car down the small black-paved roads, if you blink, you’ll miss the small wooden sign for “Trépail”, a chardonnay-dominated premier cru village in the Montagne de Reims. This beautiful area is sometimes called the Perle blanche, and Trépail is probably the most well-known village of the area. 

Then it hits you. You’re not in Kansas anymore. 

Through the weather-tarnished iron gates at the front, follow the stone pavers across the lot where the cat sneaks under the shade of the Citron vineyard truck. At the far end of the courtyard there is a round white rusted patio table.  

Adrien and his younger brother, Hugo, sit back while Adrien’s girls Zellie and Ninon zip by on their tricycles, laughing with glee. Hugo repping giant sideburns, a navy blue button down and Adidas sneakers, pulls a metal tin from his pocket and brings a cigarette to his lips. Adrien relaxed, leaning back with his messy topknot bun, v-neck white tee and Birkenstock slides, watches his girls go round and round. Champagne for the Redons is a family affair and together these brothers make their Papa proud.

Pascal Redon, once the head winemaker of the family, joins his two sons in the sunshine before dinner. When they aren't busy in the vineyards or in the cellar, this is a snapshot of their lifela vie quotidienne! 

Although very much still involved, Pascal has passed the family winemaking tradition down to his son Adrien. It is Adrien, for about the last 18 years, who now makes both his own line of Champagnes, Adrien Redon, and also carries on and maintains his fathers’ cuvées of Pascal Redon.  

Although both lines of Champagne are coming from the same vineyards and are summarized by the combination of both traditional and progressive approaches, they are quite different in style. Cuvées for Pascal Redon embody more traditional characteristics; richer, more body and a bit round. 

However, for his own line, Adrien has a more scientific and refined approach. He still continues to age and blend with reserve wine as his father has shown him, but prefers to use less dosage resulting in drier, lighter bubbles. Using two different used Champagne barrels, one which offers aromas of vanilla and almond and the other which imparts more caramel and toasted notes, his wines are still deep and rich in aromas and flavors yet sharper, precise, and elevate the bright mineral characteristics of the grapes. 

So, grab your Papa, and enjoy tasting the stark differences between these two exquisite cuvées. 



1x Pascal Redon Brut Tradition

A reserve blend of four vintages (2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009) with 80% chardonnay and 20% pinot noir.

Aromas of white flowers and notes of toast, melted butter and honey. Mineral and fresh on the palate with citrus, green apple, and toasted marshmallow. Oh, heck yes! 

1x Adrien Redon Un R’ d’Autrefois

“Un R’ d’Autrefois,” meaning a nod to former times, this blend of reserve wine is also 80% chardonnay and 20% pinot noir. 

Bright and sunny on the nose, with flavors of honey and citrus zest. Fresh and clean on the palate with creamy notes of fresh-churned butter and under-ripe strawberry—A beautiful balance of fruit and acid. Mmm...please and thank you.

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