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A Valentine’s Day to remember

Serve up the perfect pair.

Forget about that fancy prix fixe meal at a crowded restaurant, the best-kept Valentine’s Day secret is that it’s best spent at home. Stretchy pants, a cozy blanket, your favorite comfort food — just add bubbles to make the evening extraordinary. 

Seasoned experts at Champagne parties of all shapes and sizes, fatcork’s celebration specialists are excited to share their go-to Champagne-and-food pairings for a cozy night in from coast to coast. Enjoy!

If Washington is where it’s at, try …

Fresh seafood & Piollot Colas Robin 

The Puget Sound is teeming with salmon and oysters, and there’s nothing we love more than a dry brut nature with salty, fresh fish from the Pacific. The briny umami of our favorite local sea fare brings out the best in the pale, Piollot Colas Robin, a fun and funky cuvée that has all the notes of a musky Champagne cellar. 

If you’re deep in the heart of Texas, try …

Barbecue & Mathieu-Gandon Rosé de Saignée 

Nothing says “Texas” like a mouthwatering brisket or a smokey rack of ribs. But for hearty meats like these, you need bubbles that can hold their own. Reach for the structured and deeply saturated Mathieu-Gandon Rosé de Saignée, which drinks like a chilled, bubbly red. For something a bit lighter to temper the fatty, salty fare, we suggest the crisp, dry Mathieu-Gandon Rosé Nature.

If you’re California dreamin’, try …

Tacos & Adrien Redon Un R d’autrefois  

With its proximity to Mexico, California is one of the best places in the U.S. to enjoy tacos packed with fresh, locally grown ingredients. While many a taco lover will go straight for the margarita, don't underestimate the magic of a perfect Champagne pairing like Adrien Redon Un R d’autrefois or Elise Dechannes Brut Tradition. These extra brut cuvées with their mineral salty freshness and slightly higher dosage will pair wonderfully with your favorite spicy foods. 

If you’re keeping it weird in Oregon, try …

Doughnuts & Didier-Ducos L’Ablutien

A visit to Oregon’s quirkiest coffee and bookstore-loving city, Portland, isn’t complete without a stop at the infamous Voodoo Doughnut. Load up on a Voodoo Doll, Diablos Rex or Maple Blazer Blunt, and enjoy your treats alongside Didier-Ducos L’Ablutien. Like a warm croissant and slightly sweet on the lips, this full-bodied cuvée pairs perfectly with anything from the case. To really indulge your sweet tooth, pop Mathieu-Gandon Millesime 2007 for its citrus notes and warm honey flavor.  

If you heart New York, try …

A slice & A. Levasseur Extrait Gourmand Extra Brut Rosé

You can get pizza anywhere in the country, but there’s nothing like a slice from your favorite spot in NYC. Whether you’re folding it in half, cutting it into squares or digging in with a fork (hey, we all can’t live in the Big Apple), A. Levasseur Extrait Gourmand Extra Brut Rosé is a formidable companion to pizza. Made exclusively for fatcork, the cuvée features bright citrus and musky flavors. If your pie has a sourdough crust, go for Stéphane Regnault Dorien 29, which is made with 30% malolactic fermentation. 

If you’re doing the Tennessee waltz, try … 

Fried chicken & Hervieux-Dumez Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature

Fried chicken is an instant crowd pleaser, and southern states like Tennessee know how to do it right: crispy and crunchy with tender, juicy meat marinated in a magical combo of herbs and buttermilk. Hervieux-Dumez Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature brings out those flavors and more. Vadin-Plateau Ovalie is another match made in fried chicken heaven. Fermented in a concrete egg, this unique and mineral-forward cuvée is perfect for your small gathering or party of one.

If you’re feeling the heat in Florida, try …

Key lime pie & Pascal Redon Brut Tradition

When key lime pie is on the menu, it’s perfectly acceptable to eat dessert first. Florida’s signature tart and creamy treat deserves to be celebrated with the white florals, fresh green notes and slightly higher dosage of Pascal Redon Brut Tradition. If you’re thinking pink, try the Petit Le Brun Rosé. Its delightful mineral and red berry notes offer a delectable contrast to key lime pie’s buttery graham cracker crust.


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