Didier-Ducos Petale de Rosé

Appearance Luxurious raspberry and fuschia dazzle under the abundant surface mousse. A fine crown of bubbles calms quickly. Dashing.
Nose At first, it's all wild strawberries and cream. Still elegant after several minutes, with cherries and a hint of plant, followed by floral aromas, like peony and wilted rosés. It’s a complex nose that’s generous, elegant, and original.
Taste Fresh and effervescent at first, with yummy cherries and a hint of tannin later on. Clocking in at over ten seconds, the finish is loooong, acidic, and minerally. A pleasure to savor.
Food pairing Soft edges make this rosé beautiful on its own and quite a crowd-pleaser. It also goes well with a little sugar—think chocolate, angel food cake, fruit-based sauces, mango salsa, and spicy finger food.
Story His red hair. His flushed cheeks. His friendship with Michelle Obama—Need another reason to love him? Although wild in his youth, he has owned up to his mistakes. Now a family man, elegance and manors come naturally to him. This wine reminds us of swashbuckler Harry, the Duke of Sussex— charming, approachable, rosy.


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