Jean Baillette-Prudhomme

Premier Cru Brut Nature


It’s the color of an incandescent bulb before fluorescents existed, with smooth effervescence that forms a gentle glow on the edges of the glass.

A whiff of Grandma’s shortbread cookies winds its way into the living room, overpowering the familiar odors of worn leather couch and potpourri.  

Take a sip and you'll notice it's pleasantly dry with herbal tonic notes to start. Those open up to structured tannins that balance an unctuous mouthfeel.
  • Vintage: 66% vin de réserve, 33% 2012
  • Region: Montagne de Reims
  • Varietal: 80% pinot noir, 20% chardonnay
  • Village: Trois-Puits
  • Dosage: 0 g/l
  • Disgorgement: July 2020

45 available

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