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Why we need to celebrate

Because it's part of human history.

Celebration and social interaction has always been a necessary part of human experience. Throughout the ages, we’ve enjoyed Friday nights, holidays, birthdays, Saturnalias, Yuletides, Quinceñeras, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, etc. At fatcork, we like to keep things in perspective. Here, its our ethos to celebrate not just the big moments but the small ones and everything in-between too. Celebration is the synapse of connection others and ourselves that we’ve spent our lives building, creating, and nurturing.

We truly believe that every moment is precious. Make any moment a celebration with fatcork Champagne. 

It's Scientific!

Every thought has the ability to change the chemicals in our brains. Which is precisely why celebration is so important! Life is sometimes seemingly so unfair and unpredictable, but even in these moments, the power of celebration and positivity is contagious and can positively affect neuroplasticity

When positive thoughts are generated, when you’re feeling happy, or optimistic, cortisol decreases and the brain produces serotonin creating a feeling of well-being. When serotonin levels are normal, one feels happy, calmer, less anxious, more focused and more emotionally stable. Dopamine is also a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward system and pleasure center. - (Scaccia, 2017)

Because you deserve it.

We all deserve to celebrate our greatness and the greatness of others. Popping a bottle of Champagne can turn a picnic into a fond memory. It can turn take-out sushi into a moment of joy with friends and family. Pulling out a bottle when spending time with loved ones can immediately improve the mood of everyone involved. It’s this mentality that can turn our unwritten pages of the future into ones that we remember for years to come. 

Here our some of our favorite big and small reasons to celebrate: 

1.) It's the end of the week. For many of us its that TGIF moment and for others Tuesday is their Friday.

2.) Finally getting to that huge house project you haven't had time for.

3.) Your friend is stopping by with a hot pizza.

4.) Impromptu friendship get togethers. 

5.) You finished your dissertation. 

6.) The baby went down to sleep easy. 

7.) Dinner looks awesome and still wine won't cut it. 

8.) You have had a hellish week and you deserve the good stuff. 

9.) Mercury is no longer in retrograde.

10.) Summer solstice. 

11.) Winter solstice. 

12.) You had an amazing day and so topping it off with Champagne is the right move. 

13.) Teaching your dog a new trick. 

14.) Pre-game for that concert you've been psyched about. 

15.) Your love for your partner, just because. 

16.) Just because. 

17.) The first snowfall.

18.) The first hot day.

19.) A break from the mundane.

20.) New job. 

21.) New car. 

22.) It's officially vacation as of 5pm. 

23.) Budding friendship or relishing in one that has stood the test of time. 

24.) Date night. 

25.) New apartment. 

We could go on and on. Leave your favorite moments to celebrate in the comments.

Happy celebrating!

Team fatcork


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