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Summer Reads for Champagne Lovers

Whether they’re enjoyed by the beach, at the lake, on the patio, or perched on the bow of a boat, there’s nothing like a glass of bubbles and a good book. Here are some fatcork staff faves for reading in the sunshine. 

A pick from Abigail Maletis, this twisted thriller is as tantalizing as a fine glass of grower fizz. If you love manipulative mind games—only in books, we mean—you gotta nab this one.  

Champagne pairing: The seductive Pascal Redon Cuvée du Hordon Premier Cru

Fatcork general manager Iza loves how this coming-of-age romance captures the difficult-to-describe essence of life in the fine-dining world. Well, this novel nails it. Bonus: There’s even a scene at an LCD Soundsystem concert. Stephanie Danler, what did we do to deserve you?

Champagne pairing: The feisty Roland Piollot Père et Fils Come des Tallants


This one is team player Johanna's pick. It's pretty much required reading if you want to work at fatcork. We all love this page-turner, which tells the true story of a woman who defied convention to rule over the most glamorous Champagne house in history. Come on—you know you want to read that.

Champagne pairing:  A spirited wine from a woman winemaker feels right here—let’s go with Jean Baillette-Prudhomme Cuvée Heritage Premier Cru.

Team plater, Edna Pennylegion-Hurley loves the way author Carolly Erickson imagines her way into the brain of one of history’s most fascinating characters. The decadence, the scandal, the letting-them-eat-cake of it all!  Okay, that’s actually a myth; she never said “let them eat cake.” Also, the quote in French is “let them eat brioche.” And brioche isn’t exactly cake. But you get it. And you will eat this book up like it’s a buttery-sweet bread baked in the kitchen of Versailles. 

Champagne pairing: A. Levasseur Extrait Gourmand Brut Rosé—because like the lavish queen, she's a little gourmand. 
 “Drinking wine was not a snobbism nor a sign of sophistication nor a cult; it was as natural as eating and to me as necessary.” Owner, Bryan suggests anything and everything from kindred spirit Hemingway.

Champagne pairing: Pascal Redon Cuvée Diaphane Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru (and maybe a cheese plate for good measure).


Happy reading!


Team fatcork!

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