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How to travel with Champagne

You can have your bubbles and pack them, too!

Your bags are packed. You’re ready to go. But, wait! Did you know you can check your box of fatcork grower Champagne the same as if it were your favorite sturdy suitcase? Treat your bubbles to a cross-country ride in the jet plane cargo well, or let Team fatcork know where you’re headed, and we’ll ship them to your destination.* Either way, you’ll bring the celebrations with you wherever you roam. 

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Let's jump in...

Bubbles can go where you go, but you’ll want to check out our pro tips for traveling with them in tow: 

Tip 1: Save your fatcork club shipment box and packaging for the next time you and your Champagne fly the friendly skies. Otherwise, any regular shipping box with foam inserts or just plain old bubble wrap will do the trick. That’s a wrap!

Tip 2: Even as the prices of flights are soaring, many airline reward credit cards offer free checked baggage, and that includes a box of Champagne! Be sure to read up on your perks.


Tip 3: Stow a stopper in your carry on, so you can enjoy a splash once you’re settled at your final destination and, then, save the rest for a nightcap.


Tip 4: Chill your bubbles while you unpack, but forget the hotel ice bucket, which is typically too small for a bottle of Champagne. Instead, fill up the bathroom sink with half ice and half water, and submerge the bottle up to its neck. This quick chill method will get your bottle nice and cold in 20 minutes. 


Fatcork Champagne Travel Ice Bag

Tip 5: Bring along this handy fatcork Ice Bag, so your bubbles will be ready when you are to hit the ground running. It’s the perfect fit for picnics, the beach or your dinner plans.



Cheers and bon voyage!

Team fatcork
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