How to throw a Champagne Party

We’re here to guide you through hosting a Champagne party. Champagne parties invite people to get a little dressed up and have some fun. It’s not about chasing perfection, it’s about spending quality time with the people you love. 

It may sound fancy, but we entertain the fatcork way, with an emphasis on celebrating every day, and having a good time. You can have a Champagne party in a third floor walk up, a back yard patio, a ski lodge, or even an office conference room.

Let's plan the best party ever. 

Whether you’re hosting a holiday gathering, a total rager, or a friendly catch up session, a bottle of Champagne is a pantry staple for any amateur or professional host. You never know when you’ll need it and it’s hard to say no to a glass.

In France, especially this time of year, everyone always has a tin of cookies, treats, or a bottle of wine ready in case your neighbors Margot and Pierre, or Mama and Papa stop by. Remember what we say… don’t wait for a special occasion, create one by popping a bottle. That's why we're in the business of celebrating.

Are you planning on entertaining this month? Or as Alison Roman calls it, “having people over”? Is your New Year’s resolution to entertain more? We can't all be Amy Sedaris, but we can certainly take her advice "for festive gatherings and swanky lumberjack soirées". When it comes to Champagne specifically however, we have some unique and surefire back pocket tips. 

Give a Champagne party a try, it’s easier than you think and so festive. Remember, these tips work all year round, so whip them out anytime you have something to celebrate. 

1. Use regular wine glasses.

Use the glasses you have! At fatcork, we serve Champagne in burgundy wine, or standard white wine glasses. What you give up in effervescence you gain in complexity. 

2. Get your bottles nice and cold.

We recommend storing bottles in an ice bucket filled with half ice and half water for 20 minutes before opening. The bottle should feel cold to the touch before opening. Set up multiple ice buckets throughout your party to keep bottles on deck.

3. Pop bottles, two ways.

A.) Open your bottles like a professional! Check out this video for step by step instructions and make sure to point the bottle away from your face!

B.) SABER! For the how-to, our founder Bryan will show you the ropes

4. Don’t lose your glass.

A silver dry erase marker or some novelty wine charms will help you keep track of your glass while you mix and mingle. We love these.

5. Learn a little French.

Master the art of the toast with this celebratory slang:

  • Santé, short for “a votre santé” (formal) or “a ta santé,” (informal) depending on your level of politeness, meaning “to your health.” Santé (trés informal) is best for friends and family. The french don’t say cheers when toasting. Instead they wish good health to those they are drinking with.
  • Glou glou, French onomatopoeia for that oh so delicious sound “glug glug,” while gulping down a glass of wine. 
  • Tchin-Tchin, You have probably heard this one before. The Chinese expression tchin tchin, meaning “please-please” or “happy days” was historically used in China to invite people to drink. Soldiers coming back from the Second Opium War introduced it into French. 

6.  Cheers like the French. 

  • Look at the person you are toasting with in the eyes
  • Make sure everyone has clinked glasses before taking a sip
  • Don’t put your glass down between the toast and the first sip
  • Never cross glasses with anyone unless of course you want seven years of bad luck (mon dieu!) 

7. Serve the right snacks.
Champagne pairs beautifully with simple party snacks like popcorn and potato chips as well as luxurious treats like oysters (oysters and Champagne are traditional at Christmas and New Year’s Eve), caviar, shrimp cocktail, and rich cheeses. We’ve got even more ideas here

Put these tools to the test!

If you’re hosting a holiday bash, make sure you’re stocked with bubbles. Our Rosé Party Pack Gift Set includes 6 bottles of high quality grower Champagne. Taste different bottles side by side and keep the party going.

Or for a more intimate affair, order a bottle or two and have your friends bring their favorites.

Cheers to your best party yet, 

Team fatcork

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