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Founders' Stash

What is the Founders' Stash?

Our founders’ love affair with Champagne has been years in the making, so they have quite the collection in their cellar. From unique cuvées and rare finds to all their favorite bottles, Bryan and Abby’s private stash is a bon vivant’s dream. That’s why, a few times a year, club members at our 12-bottle level only, The Merrymakers, will receive an exclusive invitation, from Bryan and Abby personally, via email to purchase Champagne from this exquisite collection.

How it started

Since the beginning of fatcork, my wife and I have tasted hundreds of Champagnes while selecting the very best to share with our club members. These experiences and the knowledge we have gained along the way are invaluable, but they have also made us very spoiled indeed. Occasionally, a vigneron whom we know well will share something extra special with us. Of course, we always happily oblige, but when that tasting experience really knocks us off our feet, it can be bittersweet because we know it will never make it into our club shipments. There simply aren’t enough bottles to go around. So here’s our dirty little secret: Abby and I will usually bring home 12-24 bottles to save (aka, hoard) and enjoy as our personal Champagne stash. We don’t typically sell them. We certainly don’t market them. They’re for us. See what I mean about spoiled?

As we went about recreating our club fatcork levels this year, I wanted to give members in our Merrymaker tier something extra special, and it occurred to me there’s nothing that would make me happier than inviting you in to experience the same cherished bottles that Abby and I break out for our closest friends and family. OK, maybe it hurts just a little because that means less of those bottles for me. But I digress. These cuvées are truly remarkable, and while I stand by fatcork’s belief that there are moments every day that are worth celebrating with Champagne, they really should be popped only for the most special (or the most shitty) of days. But our stash is your stash now, so you make the call. 

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