Compostable Insulated Packaging lands at fatcork
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Compostable Insulated Packaging lands at fatcork

Shipping bubbles is risky business. We’re committed to protecting your Champagne from the time it leaves France until it gets to you, so packaging matters.

We’re also serious about employing processes that tread lightly on the planet. After searching high and low, we’ve landed on Green Cell Foam, an insulated wine shipper that checks all our boxes. Take a look:


New fatcork packaging:

  • Provides up to eight hours thermal insulation (It’s true. We tested it!)
  • Meets International Safe Transit Association's drop and vibration performance benchmarks
  • Contains zero plastic or styrofoam (Even the tape is polymer-free!)
  • Is made from only recyclable and compostable materials

Heat waves and cold snaps be damned! When you shop Champagne, insulated packaging means we’ll ship it ASAP. 


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