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What’s Fresh? English Peas!

Spring has sprung and English Peas are back in season! Try out this simple recipe that combines peas with Créme Fraiche and bacon for a perfect Spring side dish that would pair wonderfully with a bold Champagne. We’d recommend Hervy Quenardel Brut Prestige Grand Cru. Cheers!

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Fat Cork featured in Puget Sound Business Journal

Above: Fat Cork founder, Bryan Maletis, and his business partner, Jean-Pierre Willemsen Last week Glenn Drosendahl of Puget Sound Business Journal stopped by Fat Cork to learn about the grower Champagne industry from our own Bryan Maletis. Glenn’s visit resulted in a great article about the history of Fat Cork and the growing trend of [...]

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Champagne Party Tips: How many glasses in a Champagne bottle?

Serving Champagne at your next gathering? Make sure you have enough Champagne for all of your guests! On average, 1 standard bottle of Champagne (750 ml) will equal 5 full pours, or up to 12 tasting-sized pours. A Magnum (1.5 L) provides double the Champagne—10 full pours or 24 tasting pours. Cheers!

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Fat Cork on Evening Magazine

Fat Cork made it’s television debut on Evening Magazine! Camera crews took over the warehouse as Bryan sat down with local TV host Kim Holcomb to explain Fat Cork’s Celebrate Everyday philosophy and demonstrate the art of sabering a bottle!

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Fat Cork Champagne featured at RN74

We were honored to have several of our Champagnes featured on RN74′s New Year’s Eve menu and available by the glass throughout the month of December. RN74 put our Grower Champagnes to the test, lining them up head to head with Champagne from several “Big House” producers. We know we’re biased, but we absolutely believe [...]

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Team Fat Cork: 2013

Everyone can agree there’s something special about a small business done well. Maybe it’s how they know you on a first name basis, or perhaps the personal touches. But whatever the case may be, we want to remind you that we’re a small business and we do gifts and Champagne very well. Everything at Fat [...]

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Fat Cork Magnums Welcome Their Cousins to America

  Only one year ago, the very first generation of Magnums arrived on the shores of America just in time for a Thanksgiving toast. Soon after, the exuberant popping of corks could not be ignored by their cousins still in France. Convinced America was the perfect new home for their celebrations, the next generation of [...]

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Fat Cork goes to France, Spring 2013

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Meet the Grower: Champagne Didier-Ducos Fils

  We love our Champagne producers very much, so, it is our pleasure to introduce you to  the wonderful family of Champagne Didier-Ducos! History: Champagne Didier Ducos was born in 1946 as the result of a marriage between Yvonne & Adrien. Adrien was fortunate to survive WWII, came back to France, and started producing Champagne [...]

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Every Cork Popped Pushes the Cause

  Join us beyond the toast. With family being the centerpiece of the coming months, Fat Cork is delighted to announce its support for New Beginnings, a domestic abuse support network centered in the Seattle Area. We believe the right to safety is universal, and New Beginnings is an organization that dedicates its resources and [...]

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