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Côte Des Blancs

Directly south of the town of Épernay, the Côte des Blancs (literally "Hill of Whites") is planted almost exclusively to chardonnay, as the name indicates. The chardonnay grapes grown here have unequaled finesse; creamy and complex. Wine pros will argue any point, but we at fatcork are sticklers to the belief that there is no region in the world producing finer chardonnay than Côte des Blancs. Our selections from this magical region have distinct chalk and minerality---no doubt a quality they picked up directly from the chalky limestone soil that runs underfoot.


Special Club Millésime 2009


Petit Le Brun et Fils

Blanc de Blancs Brut Grand Cru


Petit Le Brun et Fils

Rosé Premier Cru


Stephane Regnault

Lydien N' 14 Grand Cru



Stéphane Regnault

Blanc de Blanc Mixolydien Grand Cru