Xavier Leconte

For an incredible six generations the Leconte Family has passed down a passion for crafting exceptional Champagne from their vineyards in the heart of Troissy-Bouquigny, a small town in the Valle de la Marne region. Alexis, along with help from his parents, Xavier and Sylvie, has led his family operation since he took the helm in 2013. His ambition is to always innovate while perpetuating the best traditions. They farm 10 hectares consisting of Chardonnay (15%), Pinot Meunier (70%), and Pinot Noir (15%). The terrior benefits from a moderate oceanic climate and identifiable chalk, limestone and clay parcels where the different grapes are specifically planted where they are best situated to grow.

Xavier Leconte

Scellés 2 terroirs 2010 Extra Brut MAGNUM


Xavier Leconte

La Croisette 2007 Extra Brut



Xavier Leconte (Magnum)

l'Intuition d'Alexis (1.5L)