Mathieu Gandon is a partnership between a young husband and wife team who have set out to do things differently in the vineyards. With the support of Champagne’s governing body, the CIVC, this couple has been implementing new ideas in their vineyards for the last six years. They are experimenting with wide-open spaces between the vines, higher trellising of the vines, and various environmentally conscience methods of pest control in an attempt to expose the vines to increased amount of sunlight and thus riper grapes, without the need for pesticides. Their cuvées are precise, fresh, and clean. They use a large amount of reserve wine in even their basic brut; and all cuvées age on the lees for 3+ years, with the Saveur aging on its lees for over 5 years. They experiment with fermentation in old Burgundy barrels, and each cuvée is crafted by hand, never machine.

Champagne Mathieu-Gandon Cuvée Esprit Brut


Esprit Brut


Champagne Mathieu-Gandon Cuvée Esprit Rose


Esprit Rosé


Champagne Mathieu-Gandon Cuvée Esprit Saveur


Esprit Saveur


Champagne Mathieu-Gandon Cuvée Esprit Rosé de Saignee


Rosé de Saignée