JM Goulard

J.M. Goulard was established by Paul Goulard three generations ago. Respecting the land and caring for the vines was his top priority. Careful work in the vineyards continued to be the focus for Paul's son, Jean-Marie and wife Martine. It is now carried on further by third generation brothers and farmers, Sébastien, Sylvain and Damien. The family vineyards are entirely located in the wonderful and unique terroir of the Saint-Thierry Mountains, just NW of Reims. This it the first time we've imported a grower from this area of Champagne and we think you will love experiencing their distinct cuvées!

JM Goulard

Esprit Octavie


JM Goulard

L'Epanouie 2008


JM Goulard

La Charme


JM Goulard

L’Eclatante 2013 Rosé Saignée


JM Goulard



JM Goulard

Paul Tradition



JM Goulard (Jeroboam)

Paul Tradition (3L)