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  • Adrien Redon

    Adrien Redon is the eldest son of Pascal and Pascale Redon. Like his father, Adrien doesn't speak English, has spent his entire life crafting Champagne, and is hesitant to travel too far away from the family vines in Trépail. Like his mother, he is an artist. Adrien Redon has been part of the Fat Cork family since the beginning and we knew his dad already appointed him to the lead role of Champagne Pascal Redon. However, it wasn't until visiting the Redon family cellar in the fall of 2014 when Adrien called us over to open a wooden box containing four perfectly chilled Adrien Redon cuvées, that we learned that a new master had truly arrived. Like any great artist, Adrien didn't want to reveal his works of art until they were completely ready, and wow, we are so excited to now reveal them to the USA! All of Adrien Redon's cuvées come from the same family vines in Trépail, but they are painted with a different brush than he uses for Champagne Pascal Redon. They are clear, fresh, and precisely driven by bright fruit and very high acid. To the best of our translation, Adrien said, "these are for only professionals." We love our growers!


    Adrien Redon

    Un R de Rien Brut Nature



    Adrien Redon

    Un R d'autrefois Extra Brut


    Adrien Redon

    Le Grand R


    Adrien Redon

    L'R du temps Rosé