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  • 2015 Yes Way Rosé!

    Taste for yourself why rosé is the perfect choice to pair with your holiday celebrations. Dry, fruity and delcious, it is your go-to choice for enjoying with a variety of foods!

    Perrot-Batteux et Fills Helixé Rosé Premier Cru

    This is classically elegant and very dry Côte des Blanc, Rosé Champagne. With grapes grown in soil of pure chalk, you can taste it in the cuvée. This is a rosé for wine geeks as it is very tart, dry, and simply wonderful. It is light, has nice acid, but also a hint of red berry fruit. The finish is long, crisp, and lip smacking!

    Pascal Redon Brut Rosé Premier Cru

    This premier cru Rosé is a very pretty pink-salmon color. The nose is full of fresh strawberry and cherry charm, and so is the palate. The fruit in this rosé is abundant, but it is not sweet Champagne. Medium acidity and a hint of tannin give it structure. A smooth finish gives it an overall romantic and appetizing character.

    Jean Baillette-Prudhomme Rosé de Saignée Premier Cru

    This has an incredibly unique color as it matches a very red raspberry. This color comes from four days of maceration, where the Pinot Noir grapes ferment with their red skins before the juice is bled off (saignee), and fermentation continues without the skins. The Champagne is light, with nice structure and a fine acidity to balance the fruit. This is indeed fruit forward, but not in the least bit sweet.


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