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Vadin-Plateau Renaissance Premier Cru Extra Brut

Appearance Below the halo of dainty beads, this one of a kind cuvée is straw colored. A rim of antique pink suggests the presence of pinot meunier. Sensational.
Nose A pleasant musk—that true “Champagne” cellar smell. A delicate surprise of red apple skin, daffodils, and the air right after it rains.
Taste Fennel pollen and yellow flowers carry through on the palate. A developed note of sweet green herbs. A kiss of orange zest. The finish is fresh with lingering acidity. Food pairing The perfect partner to baked brie wrapped in puff pastry, cavatelli pasta with grilled veggies and a rich cream sauce, clear starry nights.
Story You brush the ast stroke of your first oil painting. Linseed oil still hangs in the air and your jeans are dotted with paint. Your masterpiece is ready for the world.


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