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Champagne for all of life's occasions. Shop now.
Champagne for all of life's occasions. Shop now.

Regions of Champagne (4 bottles)

Tasting Kit


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Champagne’s diversity of terroir is, in a word, exquisite. What was once an ancient ocean is now the dried-up marine bed of the Paris Basin. The soil here is rich in nutrients and minerals, and Champagnes from each of these regions are uniquely expressive of the land from which they come. Take a tour of terroir and explore a bottle from each sub region. 


  • Single bottle of Adrien Redon Le Grand R
  • Single bottle of A. Levasseur Rue du Sorbier 
  • Single bottle of Alexandre Lenique Cuvée Excellence
  • Single bottle of Piollot Brut Resérve
  • Tasting kit guide
  • fatcork booklet
  • Interactive tasting template for each bottle in the package
  • Handy dandy aroma & tasting wheel
  • Fatcork tasting notes and producer information for each bottle in the package
  • Fatcork Champagne stopper
  • Pencil

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