The Bryan and Abigail

Bryan prefers his Champagne in a wide Burgundy glass (it makes the wine expressive!) while Abby prefers her Champagne in a flute (it's elegant and festive!). This package includes the best of both worlds with one Champagne glass and one Burgundy glass. The luxury stemware from Zalto is mouth-blown, and designed in accordance to the tilt angles of the Earth.

Gimonnet-Oger Blanc de Blancs Millésime 2002 Premier Cru

The aroma is immediately complex with notes of grapefruit, honey, and fresh butter. The minerality expresses itself, but there is little sign of maturity. Nice acidity with hints of chalk. This should age well for over a decade and is a classic example of the beautiful precision of Chardonnay grown in the chalk of the Côte des Blancs during a phenomenal vintage.