Stephane Regnault Lydien No. 14 Grand Cru

Appearance This Grand Cru blanc de blancs is the color of a fuzzy baby duck, with tight, tiny beads that stick together in rows.
Nose This wild-ferment, natural-yeast chardonnay has a mellow, citrusy nose, full of lemon and creamsicle.
Taste Made from a rare and specific strain of chardonnay called muscat chardonnay, It's super light and dry with white-floral muscat-like notes, plus honeysuckle and jasmine.
Food pairing We love it with comfort food—its bright acidity is an amazing contrast to fried chicken or calamari. But you can also pair with a triple-crème brie or seafood (lobster, crab) with drawn butter.
Story The heat breaks, it begins to drizzle, and you run for cover. Before you know it the rain passes and the sun emerges from the clouds. Left behind is the smell of damp grass, the fragrance of honeysuckles come to life and the bees begin to buzz again.


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