Piollot Come Des Tallants Magnum

The Piollots produce just 5,000 bottles of the bone-dry, 100% pinot noir, Come de Tallants. This specific cuvée was grown on a parcel of less than a hectare on a hill with direct southern exposure.

Appearance Gleaming gold, this one has a lively mousse, lending a bright character to this fruity wine.
Nose Look for toffee and tropical fruit on the nose, with some musky notes.
Taste Young and full of fruit, this wine is bone-dry with a citrus acidity.
Food pairing Amazing as an aperitif, this one works great with Mexican food, too—pop a bottle on taco night or the next time you’re grilling up fajitas.
Story It’s October. With the first sip you're transported back to the basement of your college swim team’s house, surrounded by peers in costume. A bumblebee walks by, followed closely by Indiana Jones and a toilet paper zombie. The music is loud and the room buzzing with excitement. You snap back to the now; glass in hand, your kitchen is quiet and you appreciate the peacefulness but remember those days fondly.

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