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Piollot Colas Robin Jeroboam

100% Pinot Blanc - one of the 7 grapes allowed in the making of true Champagne, but rarely seen as a single varietal. From the Val Colas Robin vineyard in Polisot this cuvee is a fuller bodied, unique expression of Champagne. Production: 4,000 bottles/year.

Appearance Soft amber with copper tones, this pretty wine also boasts a fizzy effervescence.
Nose Look for aromas of peach, sunbaked citrus, and musk.
Taste From a single parcel and single vintage of organically grown pinot blanc, this lovely Champagne was partially vinified in wood. It is dry, although the fruitiness of the grapes balances that dryness. The result is a rich wine, full of fruitiness and with a toasty edge that adds complexity.
Food pairing Tart citrus is the first thing you’ll taste, it’s then rounded out with notes of marzipan, orange rind, and crusty baguette. Wet stone mineral notes balance out the opulent, full body.
Story This wine brings to mind the first days of Fall. Pleasantly crisp “sweater weather.” You dread the frozen fingers and icy sidewalks that winter will bring, but for now, you inhale deeply. Perched on a stool by the window, you sip and take in the colors.