Piollot Pere et Fils Brut Réserve

The extra brut resérve is fermented in stainless steel and made with native yeast.

Appearance In the glass it’s instantly charming, with lively bubbles.
Nose Notice the soft orchard fruit—peaches, pears—plus white flowers and a little candied citrus.
Taste The fuzzy coats of orchard fruit carry through on the palate. Zesty yet suave, it wakes you up as it calms you down. It’s an unparalleled wine at this price point.
Food pairing Excellent alongside seafood, this one would be very welcome at any lobster or crab feast.
Story Your arms shake as you work your way through your Vinyasa for the umpteenth time. You flow through Warrior 2 and on to Crescent Lunge. The sweat drips down your face and you move, breathing in the sweetness that the practice brings, each movement energizing and relaxing all at the same time. You open your eyes only to realize it's just you and your glass, your feet happily propped on the coffee table after a long day’s work. Meditation comes in many forms.



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