Champagne Pascal Redon Cuvée du Hordon

Pascal Redon Cuvée du Hordon

Appearance Notice how the green-yellow tint has glints of warm copper? Cool, right? Now check out those very fine bubbles.
Nose Subtle notes of quince, orange, honey, and whipped cream combine with a spicy aroma that gains strength after a moment or two.
TasteRounded and discreet at first, the flavor becomes more concentrated as it moves across the palate. It’s somehow both fresh and mature, with remarkable balance.
Food pairing Powerful and a little unctuous, this wine is food’s best friend. Try it with white meat, rich fish, veal, foie gras, rich cheese, creamy pasta, or risotto.
Story Shakespeare’s Falstaff, one of the greatest characters in the history of literature, is Prince Hal’s loyal friend who buoys his mood and serves as a kind of judgement-free father figure. He’s silly, sure, but he makes us smile. This wine reminds us of Falstaff’s rotundity, his gusto, and yes, somehow, his massive ego.