Champagne Pascal Redon Cuvée Diaphane Blanc de Blancs

Pascal Redon Cuvée Diaphane Blanc de Blancs

Appearance With loads of delicate little baby bubbles and silver reflections, this 100% premier cru beauty beguiles from the first glance.
Nose Earthier notes of freshly chopped wood and hazelnut merge with buttery dough and homemade jam.
Taste This gorgeous wine’s mild funk calls to mind morels popping up from the forest floor, while rich notes of baked honey mingle enticingly with its chalky minerality. The finish is smooth and subtle.
Food pairing This wine’s as welcome at a boisterous dinner party as it is at a candlelit meal for two. Pair with creamy sauces, tender white meats, or soft stinky cheeses. Rich seafood like lobster or seared scallops also work well, but heavy spices should stay in the cupboard.
Story Picture a brightly lit cabin in a redwood forest—wood piled neatly next to the door, the smell of spring rain in the air, a creamy mushroom stew bubbling away on the stove. Now tip your glass back for a sip.