Champagne Pascal Redon Cuvée Brut Tradition

Pascal Redon Cuvée Brut Tradition

Appearance Green reflections dance at the edges of this bright-yellow wine with calm, fine bubbles.
Nose Right away, you’ll recognize it as a chardonnay-dominated cuvée, thanks to floral, green apple, and marshmallow aromas. After a few seconds, you might pick up mineral notes and anise. Allow it to aerate a few minutes so you can smell developing notes of toast, melted butter, honey, and warm grapefruit.
Taste Fresh with good acidity and zero bitterness, the wine grows rounder as it moves across the palate.
Food pairing Great for post meal sips and snacks. You also can’t go wrong with fish, soft cheese, oysters, or a light salad.
Story He clutched the diary in his hand as he approached the pond of which his grandmother had written so lovingly. Everything she’d transcribed in her looping, Catholic-school cursive—it was all here: the lily pads, the puzzlegrass, the drooping irises. He counted the large rocks, eight in all, smooth and sun-bleached, forming a bridge to the other side. Far off, the warbling call of a loon. He sighed, breath quicking as he stretched his boot to reach the first one. If her account was true, he’d reach his destination soon.