All About the Grape

Get to know the characteristics of each of the three Champagne grapes: crisp chardonnay, full-bodied pinot noir, and smooth pinot meunier. A perfect package for beginners ready to explore the distinct flavors of Champagne.

Alexandre Lenique Cuvée Excellence Pur Noir

This cuvée is 100% Pinot Noir, but completely star bright in color. It holds a bead of extremely fine and abundant bubbles, while delivering aromas of raspberry, red apple, a spicy character, and apple skin. It has an incredible finish that is lengthy, yet very clean. As it settles in the glass it smooths out and finishes more full-bodied. This is an excellent cuvée with a long future ahead.

Gimonnet-Oger Blanc de Blancs Premier Cru

The base wine is from the excellent 2005 vintage-- meaning this wine has been aged for 7 years! The palate is rich and expressive with the gorgeous chardonnay showing off for your senses.

Didier-Ducos Fils Absolu Meunier

It’s not rich, but in our portfolio, it is one of the fuller-bodied brut selections. It has classic and true Champagne character with a special gift for lovers of the creamy texture that Pinot Meunier offers.

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