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Mathieu-Gandon Millésime 2008

Appearance Glimmering gold with playful effervescence. This cuvée seems to sparkle like moonlit lake.
Nose The smell of perfectly ripe yellow apple skin, notes of candied pecans, and a kiss of sherry dance in harmony as you breath deep.
Taste This full-bodied beauty is balanced by sumptuous acidity. Its oxidative notes follow through on the palate, and evoke notes of sticky caramel, buttery brioche, and tangy dried apricots.
Food pairing While this one packs a punch on it’s own, it also goes great with lots of cravings; pair with comfort food like chicken pot pie with rich gravy, go lighter with sardines on toast, or even something more delicate, like raw fish.
Story Birds are chirping and children are playing hopscotch in the yard. It's the last day of summer and everyone is making most of the sweet, thick air. Everyone but the lone princess stuck in her tower. If only she could undo her beautifully braided blonde locks and climb her way down.


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