Champagne Mathieu-Gandon Cuvée Esprit Rosé de Saignee

Mathieu-Gandon Cuvée Rosé de Saignee

Appearance A stunning ruby with a kaleidoscope of blue and fuchsia as the beads move up the glass and reflect the light.
Nose Candied cherries, macerated raspberries, ripe black currants.
Taste Luscious, bold and structured— reminiscent of homemade raspberry jam, with a subtle rosy finish.
Food pairing That juicy burger topped with crispy bacon and melted cheddar that you’ve craved all week? Consider it yours to now enjoy with this perfect wine to go with it.
Story You fiddle with your keys as you unlock the door to your apartment. It's dark inside but the air feels full. You flip on the light. “SURPRISE!” It's your party, albeit unexpected, you revel in the surrounding joy. You rule the room.


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