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Champagne Mathieu-Gandon Cuvée Esprit Saveur

Mathieu-Gandon Cuvée Esprit Saveur

Appearance Clear and vibrant, it calls to mind a cloudless, sunny sky over lush green hills.
Nose You’ll notice aromas of yellow apple and warm ladyfingers, but look out for a subtle grapefruit acidity too.
Taste Warmth and roundness tip their hats to age. Yet, your tastebuds will be delighted with fresh, bright acidity and balanced bubbles.
Food pairing A great pre-meal sipper or summer afternoon porch swing partner. Shave off some sharp aged cheese and snack the night away.
Story On a sweltering afternoon in August, you make your way out back to the Adirondack chair under the willow tree. The bug zapper’s zapping and the shade does nothing to slow the beads of sweat forming on your brow. I see you, summer, you think, sinking into your seat and surrendering with a long, contented sigh.


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