Champagne Mathieu-Gandon Cuvée Esprit Rose Magnum

Mathieu-Gandon Esprit Rosé Magnum

Appearance Salmon pink with flecks of gold. Fine bubbles and a luscious halo of mousse.
Nose Red currant freshness followed by a whiff of smoked meat; then comes the deep, baked fruit aromas.
Taste Ripe strawberries with clotted cream, browned pie crust, a tart rhubarb bite. Delicate effervescence is paired with fresh, acidic structure - well balanced by its weighty body.
Food pairing This Champagne is perfect for starting a great night out, for celebrating a week of work, for a picnic date. It will also perfectly compliment cured meats like bresaola and coppa, berries and whipped cream, or dark chocolate. Mmm.
Story That unspoken boost of confidence you feel right after a haircut. You know, that “felt cute, might delete later” vibe. Lighter, fresh as hell and ready for a Friday night on the town.


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