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  • 2016 Just Like Jay-Z

    Magnums turn any gathering into a party! The equivalent of two standard bottles of Champagne, the impressive size will elicit excitement from your guests. From a practical standpoint, magnums are the preferred format for aging Champagne due to the lower oxygen to wine ratio in the bottle permits the wine to age more slowly.

    JM Goulard Paul Tradition Magnum

    The traditional family cuvée, Paul Tradition is a blanc de noirs made from both pinot meunier and pinot noir. Named after the first vigneron, Paul Goulard, this Champagne honors the three generations of Champagne Goulard. The palate is round and elegant with aromas of crisp apple and juicy pear.

    Grongnet Cuvée Rosé Magnum

    The color on this rosé is striking, and so are the beautiful flavors that burst from the glass. This rosé is fresh, with berries and hints of rhubarb on the nose. It is tart, dry, and the perfect compliment to sunshine! Think date night companion, or as a gift for the person that has it all-- because they don't have this as we just imported it into the USA! finished and corked as is, with zero dosage.


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