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Jean Baillette-Prudhomme Cuvée Brut Reserve Demi

This cuvée might be Laureen Baillette's entry-level Champagne but it certainly doesn't taste entry-level as it is blended with 50% reserve wine from the early 2000 vintages. This gives the Brut Réserve over 3 years of age on its lees and provides for wonderful depth and complexity.

Appearance Clear, luminous, and effervescent, this is unmistakably Premier Cru. The bubbles rise in regular streams and form a full bead on the surface.
Nose Right up front you’ll get apple, red currant, and yeasty notes, followed by a smorgasbord of white flowers, bread, and tart candy.
Taste Delicate and soft, delightful effervescence. Finishes long with the perfect balance of acid and sugar— a roundness that’s just right.
Food pairing Enjoy as an apéritif, or with a feast such as a ham dressed in fresh herbs.
Story A woman with a white ponytail sits in a wicker chair on the wood-slatted porch that wraps her sprawling farmhouse. A shiny Volkswagen appears around a bend in the road, parks in the round driveway in front, and a younger woman emerges—her rosy cheeks and broad smile immediately identifying her as the other woman’s daughter. Giddily, the two move toward each other to embrace. As the daughter wraps her arms warmly around her mother, we see she has brought this wine as a gift.

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