Elise Dechannes Rosé de Saignée

Appearance Spritzy bubbles dance fervently. Brilliant fuschia and amber tones mingle in the glass.
Nose Honeycomb, plum, and topsoil on the nose. A real garden party.
Taste Ripe nectarine and summer berries - juicy and fruit forward. A peak of red currant acidity. Notes of savory tomato and an unmistakable earthy character follow through on the palate. This unique cuvée is fleshy in body and texture and finishes clean.
Food pairing Will hold up well to a steak frites with herb butter, a luscious chunk of dark chocolate, or knitted socks and a crackling fire.
Story Barefoot in the garden you make a swift right at the end of the path, and a left at the tomatoes baking in the sun. B-line towards the patch of greenery with small white flowers. Under the canopy of low-laying leaves these little red jewels are waiting. You pluck a single juicy and dirt covered strawberry and pop it in your mouth. Pure bliss.


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