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Didier Ducos Millésime 2010

Appearance Notice the radiant gold pearls, fat and frothy as they rise up the glass.
Nose A potpourri of dried apricots, wildflowers, and your grandmother’s trunk of silk scarves.
Taste Hints of meringue, dried pear, brioche. Almond and honeycomb in the finish.
Food pairing Lay this one on its side for a few years to gain richer aromas and golden flavors—or pop it now to compliment soft cheeses, fluffy scrambled eggs with caviar and crème fraîche, or in contrast to fresh briny oysters or seared scallops.
Story The sleek black door of the limousine opens. Out you walk all dressed up and red carpet ready. Barely time to smile for the cameras before that curtain call. Will you be the one to clutch that golden trophy? This Hollywood star is Oscar worthy.

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