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Didier Ducos L'Ablutien Brut

Appearance Blonde with golden highlights, it’s like a burst of sunshine in the glass.
Nose This one reminds us of the air that rises above a bakery early in the morning—that dusty sweet flour smell, and the sweetness of crust caramelizing in the ovens.
Taste Look for notes of buttery pie crust, Turkish delight candy, red apple skin, and bitter cherry. Creamy and full-bodied, it’s one seductive wine.
Food pairing It’s perfect for breakfast in bed—sip alongside flaky pastries and runny eggs consumed from beneath cozy blankets. If you fear bedroom crumbs, take it on a picnic with salty, savory snacks like Castelvetrano olives, crackers, and firm cheese.
Story Her latticed pie rested in the window to cool. Snow White knew better than to accept gifts from strangers but oh how she longed for the beautiful apple. When she saw that the peddler woman was eating part of it, she could no longer resist. Take a sip. We think this is the fairest one of all.


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