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Didier Ducos Blanc Absolu Extra Brut

Appearance This cuvée glimmers with dazzling chestnut tones. It’s spritely effervescence brings life to any party.
Nose Hints of candied cherries, honey, and beeswax on the nose.
Taste This wine tastes of freshly baked fruit danish and heavy cream. Its structured body carries through from start to finish.
Food pairing Drink with roasted sweet potatoes, braised short ribs, and poached pears for dessert.
Story Creating ambiance has never been your thing, but you give it a go. You bring out your nicest table cloth, string twinkle lights along the window, and light a few candles just for good measure. Not a bad effort, but feels like something’s missing. Your first guest arrives with this bottle in hand, finally, the mood is set!


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