Adrien Redon Rosé

Appearance Isn’t it romantic? That rosé-petal hue, the lovely and harmonious little bubbles bouncing about. Seriously, though—what’s more lovely than a well-made sparkling rosé?
Nose Fruit-forward, with notes of red currant, strawberry, and blackberry. Taste [lips icon] It’s oh-so lively on the palate with mineral notes that mingle with citrus and berries.
Food pairing Serve it as an apéritif or with a summer dessert like blueberry cobbler or strawberry shortcake doused in whipped cream.
Story Pop a bottle and this beauty will bring you back to first-of-the-season berry picking, long summer days spent swimming outdoors, and bountiful picnics that could last for hours. Don’t hesitate to pour another glass.


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